Downloadable details

Runners will be emailed an information pack a few weeks before the race.

A copy of the instructions/information is available to view Click HERE for Instructions

A copy of Race Conditions (to be agreed by entrants when entering the race) can be viewed HERE


Can I transfer my number if I cannot run? 
Yes up to Saturday 6th September but ONLY via the RealBuzz Entries website (log into your account) with details for  the change of runner (admin fee payable)

Can I park at the Start? 
No only emergency vehicles and disabled can park at the start. There are several car parks in the town centre only a few minutes walk from the start.

Are there showers and changing facilities available? 
No runners must arrive ready to run

When do I get my race number? 
We do not send out numbers they can be collected from the Holiday Inn Abbey End Kenilworth CV8 1ED between 12 noon and 6pm on Saturday 12th September or on race day at the registration at the Holiday Inn from 7am.

Can I wear headphones? 
Only bone conduction headphones will be allowed

Will I get a finishers medal? 
Yes this year we are giving large bespoke medals as well as a long sleeved shirt and goody bags.

Can I get refreshments at the race? 
Yes several cafes are open at the start/finish area

Can I leave baggage? 
Yes we have a large supervised baggage area in the Holiday Inn

Will Massage be available?

Yes massage will be available in the Holiday Inn HQ before and after the race

The Route

This year the race starts and finishes in Kenilworth Town Centre opposite Station Rd outside the HSBC Bank and also passes through the grounds of Kenilworth Castle. The finish is at the clocktower roundabout in Abbey End. This year the route reverts to a one lap out and back course starting and finishing in the town centre.

 route map

Start HSBC Bank, left at clock tower roundabout, Castle Hill  through ford to Castle, into Castle opposite Queen and Castle out along Tiltyard, right along Castle Hill, right into Brookside Ave, right into Fishponds Rd, right into Rouncil Lane, out to Beausale and back to Kenilworth, left into Rouncil Lane, right into Rounds Hill, right into Siddeley Ave, left into Randall Rd left into Warwick Rd to finish at the clock tower.


The course has a rolling road closure in place.


There are 5 drink point locations on route and one at the finish where water is provided. All water is provided in plastic free cups.

Water stations are available at approximately 2 mile intervals. If you require energy products or additional fluid, please make arrangements to carry your own.

Finishers will receive a runners water bottle to keep at the end that can be filled from water carriers.